Rockwoth Public Company Limited

“DART helps us to make decisions faster, save money and time. We use DART to improve operation processes, as well as monitor production and sales activities.”

Mr. Mitree Sritippoe
Vice President - Information Technology Devision


Rockwoth Public Company Limited is Thailand's leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of quality office funiture. Rockwoth provides knowledge, products and services that enable people to create a better working experience. Such an office environment helps people to work more effectively.

Information Goals / Objectives
  • Reduce time taken to create reports.
  • Analyse production costs, marketing plans and accounts.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Create Target-Actual reports.
  • Sharpen analytic strategies with the aid of ah-hoc reports.
  • DART helps to reduce operation costs because users can make reports by themselves.
  • Improved staff self development as users browse existing databases and learn how existing business information is sourced and recorded.
  • Improved return on invesment from existing database systems which hold valuable information that was difficult to access and combine with other sources.
  • DART enables faster analysis leading to faster decisions.
  • DART increased report generation performance dramatically.
  • DART is a web based application, enabling users to design and view reports via a web browser.
  • When managers wish to see a report, they can do so easily via the web.
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