Siam Kubota Corperation Co.,Ltd.

“DART has a benefit over traditional Business Intelligence technology in that it takes less time to set up and can create reports to get information easily and quickly.”


SIAM KUBOTA's ultimate goals are to enhance business potentials of customers and partners, become a leader in agricultural machinery in Asia and maintain a strong leadership in the sustainable development of the agricultural sector.

Shareholders :
SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. was established on August 2, 2010 with a registered capital of 3,114 million baht. It is a joint venture between KUBOTA Corporation (Japan) and SCG (Siam Cement Group) aiming to enhance its business potential to be the leader in agricultural machinery in Asia, and emphasize its leadership in sustainable agriculture development.

Vision :
Commitment to develop product research & development, marketing and production to be a leader in agricultural machinery business in Asia.

SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. is committed to develop its product research and development to cover all crops, all processes of Thai agriculture. the main purpose is to increase its competitiveness in agricultural machinery business at the global level by focusing on cost reduction and productivity increase; along with market development including strengthening networks and connections and expanding its services to cover both domestic and international markets. Moreover, the company is determined to become a production hub and export the products worldwide.

Information Goals / Objectives
  • Improve business efficiency with rapidly operation reports.
  • Increase sales and marketing activities.
  • Decision making support for the credit approval department.
  • Analysis of sales by year / region / dealers.
  • Analysis of after sales service and leasing
  • DART helps the company to leverage outstanding inventory stored in warehouses and spare part movements control.
  • DART can show comparative average gross profit margin for each product by month, quarter and year.
  • DART allows users to view or modify the report to keep pace with the changing market forces which can change rapidly each day such as Customer account administration, Credit approval status, Finance and planning, Marketing, Sales and Credit, Customer relationship management, Customer Grade, Moving Receivables, Overdue Payment history, Realized Income, Claims by zone (region), Claims by product and etc.
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