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“At present, every business is aware that IT (Information Technology) has become more and more important. Reliable business reporting is essential. Therefore, if any companies cannot catch up with the changes, it will have a great impact on their business.”

Mr.Apichart Chumpa
Asistant Managing Director


Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd. is in the plastic pipe and fittings manufacturing business. We has committed to providing the highest quality potable water transmission systems whilst maintaining the integrity of the natural environment. We are the pioneer producer of HDPE or High Density Polyethylene Pipe and fittings, a high quality type of polyethylene, under the “TAP” brand.

Information Goals / Objectives
  • Collected raw data from difference type of Data Base to create Business information report for top management.
  • Ensure sales performance by comparing actual sales against target sales.
  • Compare wider market value against product price.
  • Provide business support information access anytime/anywhere over the internet.
  • DART helps all level users to make decisions quickly.
  • DART helps users to reduce the IT team’s workload and empowers users to create their own reports.
  • DART reports can be easily accessed via the web securely anytime/anywhere.
  • DART help TAP optimize the IT investment against profit outcome.
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