DART reporting : how it works in ERP
Typically, each ERP application that is part of an integrated business suite requires its own interactive connection to a report writer platform. So the first critical element in building DART was to recognize this challenge and to simplify the data transformation and connectivity process with the eBusiness suite application. Alphametrics has established seven (7) such connections for the Oracle/ERP environment, and understands the requirements for other similar application platforms such as MFG/Pro and SAP.

Once the connectivity model and interface component was designed, developed and implemented, Alphametrics turned to the next biggest challenge which was "how can we simplify the life of IT and Business Users with the DART functionality/usability?" This question became the mission for DART design. Easy to use drop down menu selection to:

  • Define and Locate a Database
  • Establish a Connection
  • Define a Data Definition
  • Design and Build a Report
  • Publish and Distribute
  • Control and Update

Dart's simplified template-based report design and layout features, along with its easy to see data windows and report filtering wizard, became the basic toolkit that users and IT were very happy to deploy. IT management loved the DART approach because in those cases where IT wanted to build the report for the users, it was a big time saver. Accordingly, in other cases, IT sought to have business users more engaged in their own development and usage of DART, bringing users up to speed on DART facilities was very straight forward, and users love the simplicity and the ability to control their own report analysis, data delivery and presentation. Most importantly, users like the way that DART facilitates the way that the business works.

Alphametrics began to see that in addition to a world class report writing solution for the ERP user, DART was a winning solution because it minimized the risk of the IT organization in adapting a new solution. DART is delivered and backed up by a local world class support and implementation team, and this localized manufacturing ERP specific expertise is not to be underestimated in its value to ERP customers.


Order Management

Purchase Order

Quality Assurance

Why DART has tremendous value in a manufacturing ERP environment.

Business users need to be clear on the status of the business process workflow all throughout the business operation. Whether it is:

  • Quality Control
  • Managing exception reporting
  • Out of Stock conditions
  • tracking errors in the production process
  • Comparative reporting with previous periods or cycles
  • Six Sigma standards
  • Managing Inventory to a "just-in-time" service level based on a dynamic Sales Forecast
  • Tracking delayed deliveries
  • Accounts Receivable collection monitoring

The need for timely, accurate, actionable data, reported in a simplified platform is critical. Managing change in ERP is a constant challenge
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