DART methodology

Digital Dashboard The methodology of DART is based on the premise of "Simple and Efficient". The goal behind DART's design methodology is to create an environment that is "intuitive" to users, and is aligned with the way that the business works. DART's Graphical User Interface "digital dashboard feature", simplifies the process of defining the business data into a "template-based" report design, with speed and simplicity as its goal. The foundation of the GUI has powerful functions/features, that make the real world of "diverse" , "distributed" data easy to consolidate and aggregate into real time reporting across application architectures and transparent to database.

DART Multi-Tier Architecture.

DART is designed for Microsoft.NET‚ frameworks, and runs on Microsoft.NET version 4.0® and uses an Internet Information Services (IIS) as its web server. DART's software design and engineering is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET®‚ and its programming language is ASP.NET DART's data repository is implemented with any version of MS SQLServer (including SQLServer Express) database.

DART supports the integration of customer proprietary or third party source formulae such as Visual Basic script, stored procedure, or executable file, by passing a parameter through a data processing feature. DART can create a table view, listing view, chart view, and also a dashboard view.

DART Architecture DART can also be integrated into your IT environment very quickly, and can coexist with virtually any ODBC compliant database such as Oracle, SQL, DB2, Sybase and Progress. DART's core design includes a "data transformation engine" that automates and simplifies the task of integrating data into data view report foundation structures, and eases the process of modifying and updating that data as the needs of the manufacturing business frequently require. In addition, DART makes it easy to import and export data from Excel, and to publish and distribute reports in a web-enabled framework in any standard output format - HTML. XML, XLS, PDF formats.

DART facilitates report scheduling and management very easily. Reports can be stored in a specific folder accessible to the network, and can be automatically scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, yearly, and/or any regularly scheduled cycle.
ODS: The Cornerstone of Information Integration
ODS: The Cornerstone of Information Integration
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