DART's web-based user interface
DARTís user interface is web based. If a work station can browse and surf a webpage, it can create and view reports within DART. Seamless browser-based facilities make DART very transparent and compatible with the way that users work.

Opening a connection to the database is a simple drop down menu defining and locating the network, the database, and the segment. Report design methodology uses drop down menu selection of the data views and structures required. This very intuitive system facilitates report designing that does not require special training or expertise, and users with business knowledge quickly see that DART aligns very well with the way that they typically define their business data, and reporting needs.

DART was designed with the distributed business user in mind, and diverse communities of users. DART's Ad-hoc reporting can be created easily on the fly, while allowing management to keep up with any changes in the work environment easily. These two critical design factors of DART's methodology combine to create a diverse system of information distribution that can adapt quickly to changes in the working environment that typically exists in most manufacturing environments.

The intuitive GUI and web based interface allows the viewing of reports to a distributed user base. Regardless of a user's physical or logical location, if they can access a workstation terminal they can view DART reports. The fact that no additional software needs to be installed on local desktop PCs or laptops for the remote user enables DART to deliver reports and actionable data that workers can use to improve the service level of their operation, or increase efficiency, productivity, and quality within the organization very quickly. DART's design makes it simple and easy to publish reports to "distributed users", branches and/or customers around the world.

Multi-browser access

To some, their choice browser is highly important, with different users preferring different browsers to access the web. DART allows you to access your information via any of the major browsers, including browsers on tablets.

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