Publishing and distribution
The publishing and distribution methodology within DART is a streamlined process that, like the overall design of DART, takes full advantage of the web-based GUI. Reports can be viewed on any terminal connected and authorized on the network, and DART provides an environment where the design and distribution of reports is engineered in the way that an organization works. This is also a tremendous benefit for lean IT staff to focus resources on business critical application and user support areas relating to the core business architecture that supports transaction processing.

Once published, an edition will remain saved on the system for as long as it has been configured to do so. This means that a report may be re-used and re-distributed as time goes on. Most systems will reuse many of the same reports over and over, and DART can be configured to automatically release a report on periodic cycles (eg: a quarterly report that automatically gets distributed every 3 months). This minimizes the amount of human interaction needed and creates a more automated system, again freeing scarce company resources.

If a report needs to be created and distributed quickly, as often happens within the always changing environment of manufacturing, DART's design methodology for change allows reports to be created dynamically and on-the-fly. This facilitates the company's ability to react quickly to information, keeping the left hand informed of what the right hand is doing.

DART's methodology provides a Web-based technology platform that is also used for the viewing of reports; again, no extra software needs to be installed on client workstations. Even a machine that has just been installed with an "out of the box" copy of windows, assigned to the network will be able to view reports, with no need to install additional software.

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