• Wrap up the cost of implementation

    "DART takes less time to set up and can create reports to get information easily and quickly." - Siam Kobuta Leasing

    See SKL success story
  • Support all enterprise applications

    "All departments can share centralized reporting from multiple data sources." - Suradej Sroyrungrueng, CFO, Com7 Intl.

    See Com7 success story
  • Faster analysis leading to faster decisions

    "DART helps us to make decisions faster, save money and time." - Mitree Sritippoe, VP, Rockworth PLC

    See Rockworth success story
  • Reliable business reporting is essential

    "DART reports can be easily accessed via the web securely anytime/anywhere." - Apichart Chumpa, Asst. MD, Thai Asia P.E.

    Thai Aisa P.E. success story

DART reportitng : how it works in ERPERP Reporting Solutions
Typically, each ERP application that is part of an integrated business suite requires its own...
DART's web-based user interface Web based user interface
DART's user interface is web based that can be accessed via any of the major web browsers...
DART methodology Methodology of DART Reporting
The methodology of DART is based on the premise of "Simple and Efficient"...
The DART / Alphametrics story Publishing and distribution
Once published, a report may be re-used and re-distributed as time goes on ...

Executive dashboard gives decision-makers a complete overview of the business by presenting data from multiple areas simultaneously. You can quickly and easily monitor all relevant factors and identify anomalies, to ensure that performance is in line with your business objectives. Key benefits:
  • Single point of service for your decision-making needs.
  • Simplicity - Just log in and DART immediately serves you with the information you require, all within a single screen.

DART on Interactive Device

Enterprise data in a manufacturing company is constantly changing and updating. Sophisticated business architecture.
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